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Welcome to CrossFit North Houston!

"I`m sick of my own complacency and I know I`m sick of yours."-- Zack de la Rocha

CrossFit North Houston boasts a state of the art facility, world-class CF/fitness instructors, and most of all a friendly and positive environment for our members. We are 100% results oriented. We are here to help our students accomplish and far exceed their personal fitness and health goals. You are on this website, which means that you have taken the first step to changing your lifestyle and getting Cross-FIT! At CFNH we are mothers, fathers, professionals, students, blue-collar, white-collar, we are from all walks of life! Come join the CrossFit North Houston family, and make the impossible, possible! Try us out, sign up for a free class through the contact form, and take the next step!

Getting in shape is a marathon, not a sprint! It takes desire, motivation, and most of all dedication. If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it. Not only does CrossFit training help build you physically, but it helps you develop a mental mindset that you won't quit, and you will push through no matter what. Our program will help you become stronger inside, and out! Visit our testimonials page for some of our members stories and experiences since they have been with CrossFit North Houston!

Being fit and coming to classes is only part of the marathon. Diet, and a healthy lifestyle need to be a priority for daily life. Eating protein, fruits, vegetables, and staying properly hydrated are all things that need to be taken into consideration also. Diet is the fuel that gives your body the energy to sustain you throughout your training, that enables your body to recover and most of all build properly. We will also help you build an ideal diet that will help sustain your new athletic, tone, body and lifestyle. Join us, at the most prestigious CrossFit school in the Houston, Texas area! Fill out the form above and get started today!

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